Cardio Tennis taking off in Sunderland

Cardio tennis has been a big success at the Sunderland Tennis Centre this year.

It is the first time the centre has put on the sessions which are being run in partnership with the University of Sunderland.

The sessions, which take place every week, have proved to be popular with people of all ages.

Matt Wigham, who runs the classes, said: “It’s done well this year. We’ve had quite a lot of students doing it. We’ve had up to 15 or 16 at some sessions.

“We’ve also got what I call the cardio mums and dads, who are parents of the players who are on the other courts, they join in as well rather than just sitting down in the café area.”

This form of the game involves people taking part in an hour long work-out using tennis related games and drills accompanied with up-tempo dance music.

Participants can burn off a lot of energy with the average player losing 500 calories in a session.

General fitness is also improved with players regularly checking their pulse to make sure they are working in their aerobic heart rate zone.

But there is also a social side with those taking part meeting a whole range of new people.

And with the sessions being more about having fun than competing, players of all abilities can take part in the same activities.

“It’s a chance for people to charge about for an hour, have a bit of a laugh,” Wigham said.

“It’s not at all about having the right technique; we’re not bothered about that. It’s just get on, bash as many more balls as you possibly can and have some fun.”

The sessions run on Thursday evenings, 7-8 at the Sunderland Tennis Centre.


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