Sunderland club to hold mini tennis event

University of Sunderland tennis club will hold its annual Christmas mini tennis event this week.

The event, which is open to anyone from the club, will take place on Wednesday evening.

The university’s tennis coordinator Matthew Wigham said: “Basically you play tennis with shorter rackets, sponge balls, on a badminton court and it’s just dead fun.

“We’ll have some music on in the background and you just play around ten minute matches and then you change and play someone else, whoever has the highest score at the end wins. It was pretty good last year and everyone had fun.”

The event was a big success last year with a good turnout of players from the club’s different areas, and Wigham is hoping for a similarly positive response this year.

He said: “It was just an opportunity to do something nice before the end of term. We thought it’s the week before the end of term so let’s get something going and hopefully bring all of the different strands of the tennis club together.

“We have the team players, the cardio tennis people, winter league squad, Josh’s coaching group and social tennis and we thought let’s bring them together and getting everyone playing tennis, nothing serious and hopefully everyone will have a good time.”

The event takes place on Wednesday at the university’s CitySpace and begins at 7pm.

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