Edgcombe pleased with start to season

Sunderland tennis president Josh Edgcombe is pleased with the 1sts start to the season.

The team have only lost once this season and Edgcombe thinks the team can continue their early success.

He said: “Other than the slip up at Leeds we have been very good, very solid. We’ve got a good team this year and a good set of boys who are all very close.

“We’re all friends, we’ve all known each other for a little while now and we really work and fight for each other.

“And it’s a lovely thing to see when you’ve got a team of people who are fighting for each other and I think that’s what it’s all about.”

The tennis team have had a number of good freshers join them and Edgcombe thinks this depth of talent has contributed to the team’s success.

He said: “We’ve got a nice depth of player and we’ve got a variety of different skill sets.

“There’s a lot of left handed players which is a very good utility to have because a lot people find it very hard to play against left handers.

“And there’s a lot of determination and a lot of willpower across all the players in the team which is the most important thing in my opinion.

“It’s not always about who is the best player, it’s about who wants it the most which is often what defines losing and winning.”

The 1sts won again this week when they beat York 4-0.

“It was a really hard fought match and it was a real battling performance,” said Edgcombe.

“”Two of the games went to championship tie breaks and I am over the moon that we managed to get the victory and it’s great to win in such tight circumstances.

“And we’re looking forward to the next match after the win feeling we can really power on in this league.”

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