Marathon of the North – Life Stories

The second annual Marathon of the North is just ten weeks away and SportsByte will be bringing you the inspirational stories behind this year’s runners.

Last year’s event, which began and ended at the Stadium of Light, was a huge hit with more than 2,000 runners competing in the Marathon and 10k races.

And this year two more events have been added with a half marathon and a team relay now part of the schedule on the day.

One of the participants will be Roger Biggs who is Chairman of the 100 Marathon club – a running club for people who have completed more than 100 officials marathons – and has been running marathons for the last 28 years.

He said: “I think the main thing that appeals to me about the marathon is you’re never absolutely sure what is going to happen – more than the shorter events – because your body isn’t designed to run them.

“And no matter what people say you are going to hit the wall at some point, on a good day you won’t feel it and on a bad day you definitely will.

“And it is how you deal with it that decides how you do.”

Roger, who turns 65 this year, has run 735 marathons and is attempting to run in as many counties as he can.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say I want to make  it to 1000 marathons but that is too far off to think about.

“So far I’ve done 79 and I would like to do 100. You can’t do them all because there isn’t a marathon in every county but I think 100 might be possible,” he said.

He didn’t run in the race last year because he was already signed up for another event but as someone who has averaged 50 marathons a year for the last few years he had some words of advice for people thinking about competing in their first one.

Roger said: “What you really need to do is start by doing two or three miles, then going up to five and eventually 20 or more, then running the race.

“The main thing is to complete the race. When it’s your first one people tend to try and go too quick or they’ll do a shorter distance like a 10k which they haven’t trained for and they end up getting injured.”

The Marathon of the North takes place on Sunday April 28.

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