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Mark Hodgson takes a look at the lighter stories from the month gone by …

Asleep in the wrong house

Some of you may have some tales to tell about waking up in strange locations and not knowing how or why you were there.

But for one man in Maryland, USA, it proved to be more than just embarrassing.

The 36-year-old was found sleeping on a woman’s couch after police were called to the address after a burglary was reported.

When the police woke him up he said he thought he was in his own house. He was charged with fourth-degree burglary but the police didn’t say if he was intoxicated.

Stop breeding!

A 44-year-old man from Wisconsin, USA, has been told to stop breeding until he can afford to look after the children he has.

He has nine children with six different women and was given a three year probation order for failing to pay $50,000 worth of child support and $40,000 in interest.

And as part of the probation order the judge has said the man has to stop breeding until he can pay for the children.

The judge said it was “common sense” that you shouldn’t have children you can’t afford to look after.

Jesus Christ!

A darts fan was ejected from an event in Minehead, Somerset, because he looked like Jesus and was the subject of chants from the lively crowd.

The organisers of the event were worried it would put off the players, Phil Taylor and Kim Huybrechts, so the 33-year-old was taken outside by security.

The crowd had been singing: “Jesus, Jesus” and he left to the chant “stand up if you love Jesus.”

And he had to watch the rest of the match, which was being televised, on a screen.

Too fat to escape

People are often conscious about their weight but one prison in Brazil had a very embarrassing moment when trying to escape from prison.

The convict got stuck in a wall as he made a break for freedom after his partner in crime had already escaped through the gap.

Other inmates tried to push him through the gap but he became stuck and his screams of pain alerted the prison guards.

The guards who came to his rescue were clearly amused by the man’s plight and eventually called the fire service who cut him free.

Alcohol injection

Doctors in Bristol saved a man’s life by injecting his heart with neat alcohol to induce a controlled heart attack.

The 77-year-old was suffering from an acute heart rhythm which was the result of a previous heart attack. So medics used the treatment to kill off part of his heart.

A team of medics had tried to use a routine procedure to treat the problem but they were unable to do it safely.

The alcohol killed off the part of the organ which was causing the problem allowing his heart’s rhythm to go back to normal.

Smartphone air-bag

Have you ever dropped your smartphone? If you have to you will know how expensive it can be.

Well now online retailer Amazon has come up with a solution to the common problem. They have invented an air-bag which can be deployed once a phone has been dropped.

The device uses the motion sensors in most smartphones to detect when a phone has become airborne, and if the device senses there is a risk it will deploy the air-bag.

The technology is only in the early stages and there is no indication of when it will be available to buy.

Part of it could include mini jet propellers which could help change the path of phone as it falls.

And it won’t just be smartphone users who will benefit if the technology takes off as it could be used for tablets, electronic readers and cameras.

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