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Mark Hodgson takes a look at the lighter stories from the month gone by …


Oh Shitterton

The Dorset hamlet called Shitterton has been voted as the most embarrassing place name in the country.

It beat Brokenwind in Scotland and Scratchy Bottom in the South West in a poll by

It got its name from a midden or sewer which ran nearby at the time the Doomsday Book was written.

The Hamlet’s “Welcome to Shitterton” sign has had to be carved into concrete because it kept being stolen.


Man Aisle

Generally shopping isn’t man’s favourite past time but a grocery store in New York may have come up with a solution so men can spend the minimum amount of time at the supermarket.

The store in Manhattan has created a “man aisle” which offers things like beer, condoms, razors and beef jerky.

Originally the idea was a joke but it is set to stay after catching on with male visitors to the shop.

And it could even catch on, with the owner of this store planning to expand the idea to four other supermarkets.


Drunk gets X-rayed

I’m sure some of you have some stories to tell from wild nights out, but how many of you have ended up falling asleep and getting x-rayed?

Well that’s what happened to a Norwegian man who climbed onto an airport baggage conveyor belt and fell asleep.

He was only discovered when the x-ray image of the man curled up in the foetal position was spotted by security staff.

After being on the belt for 15 minutes the man was woken up and taken to hospital after fears about being exposed to powerful x-rays, he was later investigated for causing alarm.


Is that tortoise dead?

You may have had an embarrassing experience where you have thought something was real when it wasn’t. Maybe you thought an artificial plant was real?

But who can say they have had an experience as embarrassing as the mother and daughter from Cumbria who called out the local wildlife centre to help a tortoise they found in the back garden, and feared was dead.

But when a wildlife worker came out they informed the pair the tortoise wasn’t dead, but in fact it was ceramic.

It was made more embarrassing by the fact they had already tried to feed the ‘animal’ lettuce and tomato, failing to realise it was artificial.


Prisoners grow cannabis in French jail

A group of prisoners in France took advantage of the prison’s rehabilitation programme to grow their own cannabis crop.

But the plan failed when prison wardens found the cannabis in among other plants and flowers.

The officials spotted them while they were walking through the prison’s courtyard. However, the plants had already grown to be 3ft tall by then.

The prisoners were taking part in the prison’s “grow your own produce” scheme.

Good day mate

Virgin Australia cabin crew have been told to stop calling passengers “mate” and to alter their sexy image in a bid to attract more business class passengers.

As part of the move staff will have etiquette lessons which include instruction on body language and wine appreciation.

Virgin is trying to compete with other airlines such as Qantas who get more business class passengers, which would bring in more money for the airline.

As part of the body language classes staff have been told not to cross their arms and the word “mate” has been specifically banned unless it is asked for by a passenger you uses the airline regularly.


Face bikini?

Most of us when we go to the beach strip down to our swim suits to try and get that perfect tan, but in China some people are doing the opposite.

Nicknamed “face-kinis” the full body suits and head masks are a new craze in some parts of China because they help protect people from UV rays.

The outfits were originally created to help stop people from getting sunburnt. But they have proved to be good at stopping UV rays as well as repelling insects and jellyfish.

They have proved particularly popular in the North-eastern province of Shandong where shops have had to stock up on the suits.


This was printed in the September issue of Spark Magazine.


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