Weirder World News

Mark Hodgson takes a look at the lighter stories from the month gone by …

Drunks desperate for kebabs

If you are one of the people who like a kebab after a night out you will understand the desire for the takeaway food after a night on the town.

But some drunks in Scotland let their desire go too far when they stole a whole 70lb slab of kebab meat from a closed takeaway.

The robbery was caught on CCTV and the raid turned comical when one of the drunks dropped the kebab on his foot, stopping any chance of a swift get away.

They also made off with several shish kebabs and a 10kg container of raw marinated chicken.

Germans on sun loungers

Ever wondered why the German tourists always seem to be on the sun loungers first? Well British scientists may have discovered why.

The study found that on average Germans sleep for seven hours and 13 minutes, eight minutes fewer than Britons.

They also found that Germans generally start work 30 minutes earlier and that they rarely press the snooze button. And it takes them five minutes less to get out of bed once their alarm has gone off.

This early wake up is probably due to most Germans starting work at 8am, though the scientists did say the extra sleep may make Britons more creative and their work better.

High rescue

A women in the Czech Republic had to be rescued from a 40ft electrical pylon because she thought it was a bridge.

The 21-year-old was high after reportedly smoking super-strength cannabis and was using the pylon to cross the Marava river.

She was spotted by local residents who called the emergency services and she was eventually convinced to come down by police and drugs councillors after two hours on the pylon.

She was treated in hospital for the drugs she had smoked but was otherwise unhurt.

Alligator in the bath

Police who entered a house to seize cannabis plants got a shock when they found an 8ft alligator in the bath tub.

They were searching the property in Runcorn after finding a cannabis factory nearby where they had found a poisonous snake.

Meanwhile, during a search of a shop in neighbouring Warrington officers found a king cobra, three monocled cobras and a rattlesnake. All the animals were dealt with by wildlife officers and specialist reptile handling staff.

All the animals are dangerous, some lethal, and were all being illegally kept.

Laughing club told to stop

A laughter yoga club in India has been ordered to stop laughing because it is causing “mental agony” to nearby residents.

Police in Mumbai were ordered to find a way to stop the club being so joyful after a judge brought a case against the club which has been meeting near his bungalow.

The judge said between 10 and 30 people would congregate close to their house at 6am and start singing, clapping and urging each other to laugh loudly.

Police had not been able to take action against the group because they were not an official club, but the judge told them to “solve this problem”.

Self-making bed

We’ve all been in that situation when you can’t be bothered to make your bed. Maybe you’ve been out the night before and it was struggle to even get out of bed with the world’s worst hangover, never mind make it.

Well a Spanish company may have found a solution. Bed specialists OHEA have invented a self-making bed.

The bed is designed to mechanically straighten a duvet, sheets and pillow and it takes less than 50 seconds.

And there are two settings. The user can either press a button and it will start to make itself or it can be programmed to start straightening itself three seconds after the user gets up.

This was an article for the July issue of Spark Magazine. It was published in the first ever printed issue of the magazine.


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