Weirder World News

Mark Hodgson takes a look at the lighter stories from the month gone by …

Oh Chute! I’m stuck.

We’ve all got our own ways of trying to avoid arguments with our loved ones, but there’s probably few which are as extreme as one man’s in Russia.

The 31-year-old had to be rescued by emergency services after he got stuck in a rubbish chute as he tried to get away from his girlfriend.

It happened in an apartment block in Siberia and the man had already plummeted down three floors from his eighth floor apartment when he became stuck.

It’s not entirely clear what incident prompted the man to flee but he was certainly keen to get away.

Facebook: as good as sex?

Ever wonder why some of your Facebook friends are constantly posting boring statuses about their life? Scientists in America may have found the answer.

Researchers at Harvard University found that boasting about yourself, especially on social network sites, makes you feel better.

Neuroscientists discovered that people who frequently spoke about themselves experienced pleasures similar to those sparked by food, winning money, chocolate and sex.

The test also found that people would be willing to accept less money if it meant they could continue to boast about themselves.

BBC presenters lived the ‘high’ life

Smoking marijuana was rife at the BBC during the 60s and 70s according to a BBC Four documentary called ‘Tales of television centre’.

It is even claimed some children’s TV presenters went on air stoned. And it’s said that television centre used to stink of the drug with employees and visiting bands often smoking in the building.

This led to David Attenborough begging colleagues to be more sensible and not smoke the drug so openly.

But it wasn’t just drugs, apparently sex was rife too, with staff often using their dressing rooms to get intimate.

Train delayed by sandwich

I’m sure you’ve been frustrated at some time by public transport running late, but imagine how annoyed you’d be if the delay was caused because the guard was eating a sandwich.

This was the case for 50 commuters in Kent who were delayed for an hour.

And when they asked about the cause of the delay staff said the Southeastern train couldn’t depart because the guard was on his break and couldn’t return until he had finished his chicken salad sandwich and packet of crisps.

This incident came after the company was voted the worst train company in the UK by a poll in consumer magazine which?.

Handy windfall

Kent County Council paid £20,000 to a Handyman who then fled the country.

The money should have been given to a chief executive as expenses but was paid to a fitter who had the same name.

It took seven months for them to realise their mistake. And after a failed attempt to reclaim the money the man moved abroad.

The council have been unable to trace the man who is believed to be in Eastern Europe.

This was for Spark Magazine – see it published online here.


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