Weirder World News

Mark Hodgson takes a look at the lighter stories from the month gone by …

Turn the hymns down!

We all know how annoying it is to have someone making noise when you just want peace; but imagine if it was the local church which was source of the racket.

Well this is the case in Nottingham where a gospel church has been fined after neighbours complained about the amount of noise coming from the building.

The complaints dated back for four years and eventually led to two members of the church being fined more than £300 each.

The noise was being caused by the church playing music through an amplifier during its services; at times it was louder than the city traffic.

Snakes on a plane

A plane had to perform an emergency landing in Australia last month after a snake slithered out from under the dashboard and crawled up the pilot’s leg.

It bears similarities to the Samuel L Jackson film only this time the snake was on the plane because it had apparently been chasing a tree frog which had found its way under the passenger seat.

Fortunately, the snake is thought to be non-venomous. However, it wasn’t caught despite ground staff trying to lure it out with a mouse.

Pantomime performance from student runners

Two runners from Manchester University have broken the world record for the quickest 10km completed wearing a two-person pantomime costume.

They completed the challenge at the Isle White athletics festival which took place over the Easter weekend and included a half marathon pub crawl and a beer racing championship.

They said that the initial idea had come to them while they were in the pub. But when they got racing they found the costume was incredibly hot and had poor visibility.

They were awarded a certificate by former long distance runner Ron Hill who, in his running days, was the world record holder for the: 16km, 24km and 25km.

Sex, drugs and tidying your room…

Two school girls have written a book to help guide parents on how to raise their children when they reach their teenage years.

The book, which is more than 200 pages long, gives tips on how parents should deal with topics such as sex, drugs and tidying their room.

It also advises that parents should use scare tactics to stop their teenagers from taking drugs. Such as telling girls that drugs could ruin their hair or skin.

The girls were chosen to write the book after they entered a creative writing competition run by a publisher.

Poo owe me £131

A Chinese business man has launched what he claims is the world’s most expensive cup of tea.

The tea comes from plants that have been fertilised with ten tonnes of panda dung, which is apparently a prolific organ fertiliser.

He is charging £131 a cup for the brew – but it is yet to be seen whether anyone will be willing to spend that much.

An Yanshi, the tea’s grower, claims panda poo is such a good fertiliser because the animals only retain 30% of the nutrition from their food so 70% remains in their faeces and fertilises the plants.

This article was published in the June edition of Spark Magazine, it can be seen here.


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