Student Union Magazine helps raise awareness of domestic abuse

Sunderland University magazine Degrees North is teaming up with Derwentside Domestic Abuse Services to try and raise awareness of the issue of Domestic Abuse.

The magazine has created an exhibition called ‘What does fear look like? One hundred canvases and one hundred fears’. It will premiere on Monday at North Shore in Sunderland.

And Julie Wilson, from Derwentside Domestic Abuse Services, thinks that get the message about the issue out to students could help prevent cases in the future.

She said: “From our point of view, if we can get the word out to students that this isn’t acceptable then hopefully we can reduce domestic abuse in the future.”

And she believes it is something which does not get enough attention.

“It’s something which has been brushed under the carpet for far too long and it’s something which a lot of people think goes on behind closed doors. I think it’s time we opened those doors.

“And I think if perpetrators know the effort that we’re putting in to this hopefully they’ll back off and realise they’re not going to get away with it any longer,” she added.

One in four women and one in six men are victims of domestic abuse and this is something both organisation want to try and help to change.

Lee Allison, Degrees North Editor, said: “I think there’s a lot we could do to keep pushing this message out there.

“One of the things we’d like to do is expand the exhibition we’ve got at the DN Gallery [in North Shore].At the moment we’ve got a little short of 100 but once we have got 100 we would like to keep expanding it.

“We would like to expand it to our partner colleges and to work with some other councils throughout the region and who knows where it could go from there.”

The exhibition begins at 6pm and runs until 8pm. It is on the upstairs balcony at North Shore the Sunderland University Students Union’s bar. Anyone is welcome and the first drink is free.

If anyone wants to get further involved with the magazines work with domestic abuse can contact Lee Allison at

You can see this article live on the Spark Sunderland website here.


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