National Premier Tennis Finals conclude in Sunderland

The final day of the National Premier Tennis Finals in Sunderland saw Warwick crowned champions.

The number one seeds beat Bromley 4-0 on Sunday in the final which was held at the Virgin Active Club.

Bromley had beaten Sunderland’s representatives Virgin Active Wearside in their semi-final on Saturday evening. However, they were unable to overcome a strong Warwick team which included British number four Dan Evans.

The doubles competition was being held in Sunderland for the first time in more than a decade having been held in the South-west for a number of years.

Stuart Beagrie, a tournament sponsor, said: “It’s very, very good tennis. I don’t think people realise that it’s the next best thing to Wimbledon from the man in the streets point of view of seeing British tennis.

“There’s some very good players; they’re only just below the top level but still very good.

“I’ve been genuinely very impressed with the club [Wearside] from hospitality to staff. I can’t praise them highly enough for being nice people and wanting to help you.”

Warwick’s Dan Evans, who recently represented Britain in The Davis Cup, is now hoping for a good season and possibly a Wimbledon place as a wild card entry.

“I’m just looking for a good solid season and to keep playing day in day out and keep improving. It should be a good season.

“I think I’ll make it into Wimbledon hopefully. But you never know. If I keep doing what I’m doing then I should be alright.”

On top of the people from Sunderland who came to watch, some have travelled from around the country to see the event in the last few days.

Gerry Boyle travelled up from Bristol to see the event.

He said: “I love this event. I think it’s a fantastic event. I have followed it for the last six years now and where ever it is I will actually follow the event because it’s such good quality tennis.

This was for the Spark Sunderland website and can be seen here.


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