National Premier Tennis Finals get under way in Sunderland

The National Premier Tennis Finals got underway at the Virgin Active Wearside centre in Sunderland on Thursday.

The doubles tournament, which lasts for four days, sees teams from tennis clubs around the country compete to be crowned champions.

Two pairs of doubles from each team play each other with the overall score deciding the winner. If the sides are tied on 2-2 one player from each team is nominated to play a first to 10 point tie break to determine the winner.

Virgin Active Wearside were flying the flag for Sunderland and they didn’t disappoint, beating Gosling 4-0 to reach the quarterfinals.

Before the tournament, Wearside rackets manager and team captain, David Boddy said: “It’s massive for Sunderland to host a tournament like this, not just because of the event itself but because of all the other things which run alongside.

“For example the outreach programme into schools and other clubs in the community. And from a Virgin Active point of view it helps put us on the map as the facility is one of the biggest in the North East.

“I would say people should come down its £5 or £3 and you’re not going to get much for that, and we’ve also got other activities and other stuff on when you come here as well.”

In the earlier games Loughborough beat Clearview Brentwood 4-0, Tennis World Middlesbrough lost 3-1 to Virgin Active Gloucester and Manchester Northern defeated Abbeydale 4-0.

Meanwhile, playing at the same time as Sunderland, Four Oaks beat Virgin Active Lancashire 3-1 and Sutton and Cardiff drew 2-2. This meant the championship tie had be used for the first time this year and Sutton were victorious, winning 10-5.

The quarter finals take place on Friday with the semi-finals played on Saturday and the final on Sunday.

Anyone who wants to go and watch can pay on the door.

This article can be seen on the Spark Sunderland website here.


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