Weirder World News

Mark Hodgson takes a look at the lighter stories from the month gone by …

Paw yourself a drink

Dogs have always been man’s best friend. And now they can share a drink with their owners in a pub in Newcastle.

The Brandling Villa pub in Gosforth has created a special beer for canines. The drink, which is made with beef flavourings and malt, is non-alcoholic and bubble free.

The pub manager said he was trying to create an animal-friendly environment.

There are also dog versions of food on the pub menu including: Sunday Roast covered in cat-flavoured gravy.


Oops! I forgot my Santa’s grotto …

The hotel chain Travelodge released a list this month of the items left behind by people staying at the Hotels.

Among the things on the list was: a Christmas grotto including tree, decorations, lights, a model reindeer, father Christmas outfit and turkey dinner; a full size Mr Blobby outfit and an urn containing the ashes of a guest’s late wife.

And in Winchester one couple even left behind their 18-month-old son. His parents each thought the other had placed him in the car seat and drove away to a wedding before realising their son was not in the back of the car moments later.

Though there were some happy endings – with 75,000 Teddy Bears being reunited with their young owners over the last year.


Mrs T fools web users

The new Margaret Thatcher biopic – The Iron Lady – has not just brought the former Prime Minister back into the news but has also brought cross-dresser Paul Carroll to people’s attention.

The comedy and cabaret star – whose stage name is Mrs T – saw his website crash after the number of people visiting the site shot up from around 500 a day to nearly 10,000, after people ended up on his website while looking for information on the new film.

This led to the Lanzarote-based performer to release a message clarifying the site was not related to Margaret Thatcher and for people to stop asking if Mrs Thatcher could attend their events.

Golden Booty

Beyonce may have given birth to her first child in January, but that wasn’t the only big moment recently, she also had a previously unnamed species of horse fly named after her.

The horse fly, which was originally collected in 1981 the year Beyonce was born, was named after the pop-diva because of its golden rear end.

Researchers said it was: “the all-time diva of flies”.

But Beyonce isn’t the only celebrity to have their name given to a species. Other species have been linked with people such as: Harrison Ford, Matt Groening, Mick Jagger and Roy Orbison.

Foul-mouthed macaw

A parrot which was rescued from a private home where it was taught several swear words is to be rehabilitated to help teach in schools and universities.

The bird will be retrained to clean up his language so that he can go on to teach children about the environment.

He is now living with a number of other parrots and it’s hoped he will be able to tour schools and universities with them. But he will have to clean up his language first as he is currently banned from schools.


The article can be seen published here on page 17 of the February Spark Magazine


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